Alert Bay Summer Market Registration Form

Eligibility: Preference is granted to vendors who ‘make it, bake it, grow it’. However, other types of vendors (for example, community groups, resale items) may be considered too.

Costs: Reserve your spot by paying your fee: Vendor fees for a single market are $10. If you have your own table, you get $5 off the vendor fee per market. You can give cash or cheque to Karla. Email her at or call her at 250-802-9462. Cost includes table, advertising and insurance.

Dates and Times (subject to change with notice)

  • Friday, June 15th, 10am – 2pm, Waterfront
  • Sunday, July 1st, 10am – 2pm, Waterfront
  • Wednesday, July 11th, 10am – 2pm, Waterfront
  • Saturday, July 28th, TBD, Waterfront
  • Sunday, August 5th, 10am – 4pm, TBD
  • Sunday, September 2nd, 11am – 3pm, Waterfront

On the day of the market
Please arrive up to one hour early to set up. Call Karla Duarte is you have any questions at 250-802-9462.

Health Regulations
Vendors are responsible for complying with applicable health regulations. By paying your vendor fee, you are confirming that you have taken the necessary steps and submitted all required paperwork.

There are different requirements for lower risk and higher risk foods. These are defined by Island Health and described in “Guidelines for the Sale of Foods at Temporary Markets”, available on Island Health’s website.

To sell lower risk food items at farmers markets and other temporary food markets, you (and market managers) should read the Guidelines for Temporary Food Markets.

To sell  higher risk food items at temporary food markets, you need to complete an application for Sale of Higher Risk Food at Temporary Food Markets and submit it to the local Health Protection and Environmental Services office.

Onsite food preparation is not permitted by market vendors. If onsite food preparation is proposed, approval to operate a temporary food service establishment is required.

To prepare and sell food at public events, you need to fill out an Application to Operate Temporary Food Service. Once completed, please submit to your local Health Protection and Environmental Services Office.

Reserve your spot now!
To become a vendor, follow these steps:
1. Contact the organizers by email or phone.
• Email:
• Phone: Karla Duarte (250-802-9462)
Please provide your name, email address, telephone number, what you’ll be selling,
and what markets you want to attend.
2. Reserve your spot by paying your fee (see above for fees). You can give cash or
cheque to one of the organizers.
Need ideas?
There are LOTS of things that can be sold at farmers markets, some of which are really
easy to make. Here are some items that have been successful at other farmers markets:
Jewelry, sauerkraut, homemade art, sea salt, dog food, vegetables, honey, canned fish,
flower bouquets, fruits from your backyard tree, bath and body products, baking, small
carvings, knitted hats, dips and spreads, coffee, prepared foods, cheese…… and many more!

o Bring change and something to securely keep your money in
o Offer samples, it attracts attention to your booth and can increase sales
o Tables that look nice tend to attract more people (table cloths, flowers, etc.)
o Signage: Consider a sign for your booth, and also for your products (with price)
o Consider accepting credit card, especially if you are selling items that are more
expensive. It’s easy to accept credit cards on your cell phone these days, by signing
up for services like ‘square’ (
o You might need to supply bags, in case people don’t bring their own