I first met Brett and Janet Hauser, owners of the Nimpkish hotel having dinner at Pass n’ Thyme in the fall. They were excited to announce that they were getting the long lost treasure ready for visitors in the summer. I patiently awaited a tour and was able to catch a glimpse of the new and improved Nimpkish! The Nimpkish overlooks the water and has a great sunroom to sit and relax and watch the wildlife.

One of my favorite rooms can sleep 4 people and has a balcony but each bed is nicely tucked away so everybody has privacy so friends can split the cost, making your trip inexpensive.


The Nimpkish was built in the 20s and has a unique structure with rooms on the main floor and upstairs. All the rooms have unique themes and have been newly renovated. Leroy Haaland is the property manager and he was busily adding the final touches, painting and cleaning.


From now until May 31st, the Nimpkish is offering a great deal so come check out Alert Bay and stay in a historic location! For more information click here on the link below:

18-04Nimpkish opening