In 2015, ‘Namgis First Nation and the Village of Alert Bay developed the Tides of Change (ToC), one of the first joint Economic Development Strategies in Canada between a First Nation and a municipality. The strategy was built of deep community participation and its achievements have earned an award of excellence from the Planning Institute of BC. The plan’s main goals are summarized:
ToC Summary

The full plan can be viewed here.

Since the plan was completed, several initiatives have taken place:

  1. The opening of VanCity’s first rural branch on Cormorant Island
  2. Simon Fraser University’s RADIUS program delivered in Alert Bay:¬†
  3. Hiring of an Economic Development Officer
  4. Completion of engineering studies and reports related to the Harbour Redevelopment
  5. Completion of business feasibility studies related to the Fuel Dock, Ice Plant and Marina Expansion
  6. Initial community consultation on harbour redevelopment
  7. Completion of concept drawings for the Nurses’ Residence for Downtown Revitalization opportunities

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